Aimil BGR 34 Tablet (100 Tablets)

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BGR-34 is exclusively designed phyto formulation delivers safe, effective & affordable solution to masses suffering from altered carbohydrate metabolism. BGR-34 is a newly approached & result orienting drug regimen which not only works systemically & symptomatically in maintaining carbohydrate metabolism but also minimises the chances of long term complication.


Name : Aimil BGR 34 Tablet (100 Tablets)

Brand : Others

Form : Tablets

Net Quantity (N) : 1

Quantity : 50-100 Tablets/Capsules

Aimil BGR-34 Tablets is a comprehensive formula enriched with Natural Botanical extracts for effective carbohydrate metabolism.

Aimil BGR-34 Usage Benefits :

• Helps regulate carbohydrate metabolism, prevent long term complications and tone body functions.

• Checks over fatigue and weakness.

• Adjuvant in the management of disturbed carbohydrate metabolism.

Active Ingredients

• Daruharidra : Helps improve carbohydrate metabolism.

• Manjistha : Powerful anti-oxidant activity. Helps protect vital organs from oxidative damage.

• Vijaysar : Rich in flavonoids, strengthens the cells and help maintain effective carbohydrate metabolism.

• Methi : One of the best sources of Micro-nutrients, nourishes and tones the vital organs.

• Guduchi : A unique herb to improve immunity. Helps improve resistance to infections.

• Gudmar : Helps restore effective carbohydrate metabolism.

Aimil BGR 34 Dosage

2 Tablets twice a day, half an hour before meals or as directed by the physician.

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