Bluetooth speaker and mic WSTER WS-2911

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WSTER WS-2911 Portable Bluetooth Speaker Microphone – 4 Voice Change Song Record
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Technical parameters:
Brand: Wster Model: WS-2911
Type: Handheld Microphone
Connection mode: Wireless
Color: Camouflage/Black/Red/orange.
FM Radio: Yes

AUX Mode: Yes

Bluetooth: Yes

Recording: Yes

Output power: 5W

Frequency range: 100Hz-10Khz

Max sound pressure level: >115BD 1 Khz TDH<1% Reverberation Mode: sound effect reverberation Power supply: Built-in 18650Li-battery Battery capacity: 1500mAh Charging Power: DC-5V Function Key 1.Short Press: The function of magic voice changer Long Press: The function of recording/ delete the rerecording Double-Click: Play the rerecording song 2.Play/Pause FM Scan Accompany: long press removed the original sound 3.Next/Selfie- Increase Volume 4.Increase Remix- Decrease Remix 5.MIC VOL+ MIC VOL- 6.Repeat play 7.Power/Mode 8.Prev /selfie Decrease Volume Interface 1 Micro USB 2 TF Card Port 3 Headphone jack 4 USB Port

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