Plastic Tyre Valve Cap for Car(6 Pieces) , Bike (Cylinder)


Color: Green
Made of Plastic
Shape: Cylinder

DOUBLE PROTECTION: Our valves caps are made of ABS, One-piece tire valve stem cover features illuminated plastic inserts and clear housing protection to prevent valve stem corrosion. A good valve cover will prolong the life of the tire. LUMINOUS DESIGN: The inner layer of the valve stem cover is designed with luminous material, which can make the car decorated with Tire Valve Stem Caps lights at night. When your wheel starts to move, it automatically flashes and creates a circle of light that makes your car/motorcycle/bike look beautiful. WIDE APPLICATION: The inner diameter of this tire air cap cover is 0.8cm, the outer diameter is 1.2cm, and the inner height is 1.6cm. Universal size can be suitable for cars, bicycles, SUVs, trucks, bicycles and motor vehicles, etc. Leakproof Seal

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Weight .450 g
Dimensions 18 × 16 × 5 in


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