Divaa Uni-Magball Tab for Kids, Unicorn Magic Ball Tablet Toy

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Brand Divaa
Age Range (Description) Kid
Material Plastic
Cartoon Character Unicorn
Size Medium
Power Source Battery powered

About this item
Mess-free drawing: Magnetic drawing boards use a stylus or magnetic pen to draw on a metal surface, which leaves no ink, paint, or other marks on clothing, furniture, or walls.
Reusable and erasable: Drawings on magnetic boards can be erased with a swipe of easily, allowing kids to start again and again.
Portable and lightweight: Magnetic drawing boards are compact, lightweight, making them easy to take on the go or in the car.
Develops fine motor skills: Drawing on a magnetic board with a stylus or pen helps develop hand-eye coordination, spatial awareness, and fine motor skills in children.
Encourages creativity: Magnetic drawing boards allow kids to draw anything they can imagine, using their creativity and imagination to make unique and colorful creations.
Durable and long-lasting: Magnetic drawing boards are typically made of durable plastic and can withstand the wear and tear of frequent use.
Safe for children: Magnetic drawing boards are generally safe for children to use, as they do not contain any small parts or toxic materials that could be harmful if swallowed or inhaled.

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Uni-Magball Tab for Kids, Unicorn Magic Ball Tablet Toy,

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Weight .450 g
Dimensions 18 × 16 × 5 in


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