Flash Drum with 3D Lights and Music Battery Operated

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Toys for kids babies
Functions: Enlightens the future of the child, Improves the intellectual ability of the child
Lights and Music: 3D spot lights and beautiful music helps to create interest of the child.

Divaa Mart Flash Drum with 3D Lights and Music Divaa Mart drum with lights, music and touch function improving children’s ability to practice. The little ones will have the stimuli of color and movement and emphasized sounds ideal toy for development CREATE MYRIADS OF SOUND EFFECTS Hitting and gripping motions allow the development of gross motor skills in your child. Develop hand-eye coordination and fine and gross motor skills while keeping toddlers engaged with exciting sounds. ENHANCE VISUAL PERCEPTION AND COLOR RECOGNITION Baby Drum is a member of the percussion group of musical instruments. Introducing your little one to this musical drum to enhance each entertaining melody & promote visual perception. Babies become more advanced in terms of motor skills and Linguistics and Intellectual development than babies who received no musical stimulus.

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