Infrared Non-Contact Thermometer in White Thermometer (White, Blue)

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This non contact thermometer uses advanced technology to measure temperature of the body and any non living object. 2. It’s easy and very quick to use. It doesn’t need contact with the body or the object to ensure safety and hygiene. It’s ergonomic design makes it possible to measure the temperature within seconds. 3. Auto power off, if left idle for 60 seconds. 4. Measurement – Measurement time interval in 15 seconds. Please read the manual carefully before you use the unit and keep for future reference. Safety info – 1. Please place the device unreachable by young 2. Avoid direct sunlight. 3. Do not touch the lens. 4. No modifications of this device is allowed 5. The swallowing of small parks like packing bag battery cover and so on may cause the suffocation 6. Never leave the battery in the battery compartment for a long time without use as they may leak. Precautions information – Ensure the selection knob is placed correctly .

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Weight .450 g
Dimensions 18 × 16 × 5 in


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