ISonix Military Speaker

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SPEAKER WITH EXTRA BASS: It is waterproof to suit your active, outdoorsy life style echo and noise cancelling feature for cells.
BLUETOOTH SPEAKER CONNECTION: Connection is a snap! Use the bluetooth to syn. with your favourite devices in seconds and enjoy a wireless range and making reconnection easy and automatic.Enjoy amazing audio exercise on the go mini and carry compact design make it easy to carry along anywhere you travel.
BATTERY:- Benefiting from a built-in lithium, rechargeable battery and made from made from strong and robust material our wireless speaker and withstand light falls.
COMPACT COMPATIBILITY: Pair SMARTPHONE, TABLETS, LAPTOPS and more via BLUETOOTH or connect NON BLUETOOTH DEVICES such as MP3 player using a included AUX cable or play music with memory card.
DUEL MODE POWER SUPPLY: Built in lithium battery can be used by USB interface or use DC5V duel power supply mode free choice.

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Weight .450 g
Dimensions 18 × 16 × 5 in


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