SP660 8 BIT YV Video Game

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Games Included:Contra, Super Mario Bros, F1 Race, Snow Bros

New Super 8 bit Tv Video Game Console Best Product with 2 Game Controllers 1 Laser Gun 1 Ac Adapter Av Cable Unlimited Fun for Kids Many Game Built-in Console New Super 8bit Tv Video Game Classic Console Best Retro Game The video game console has 2 classic controllers with cables, so you don’t need to worry about the cable being too short and constrained. Compared with wireless controllers, wired controllers are more conducive to signal transmission to a certain extent, thereby effectively avoiding signal delays during the game. The game player is easy to install, just connect the TV, the console, and the controller and turn on the power to play the game immediately, without additional loading time, plugin and play directly. In addition, in order to make it easier for you to find the game you want to play among the many games, a list of game numbers is included in the package The game console contains many classic games from the 90s, such as Mario, Contra, Double Dragon, Excite bike, Donkey Kong, Tank 1990, Golf, Dig Dug, Lode Runner, 1942, Adventure Island, Football, Galaga, Hello Kitty World, etc. Classic Mini Retro Game Console gives your children the chance to experience your growth and happiness, and promote the communication and feelings with your children. Let children enjoy the game.

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