Twin Shot Manual Bullet Gun with 6 Foam Bullets & 2 Bowling Pins

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Name : Twin Shot Manual Soft Bullet Gun with 6 Foam Bullets & 2 Bowling Pins | Toy Gun Set For Kids

Material : Plastic

Type : Toy Dart Guns

Assembly Required : No

Recommended Age : 6-8 Years

Net Quantity (N) : 1

Toys & Games Blaster gun toy features fun gun as well as a target shooting game with bowling pins hitting. Kids will practice target and can have fun in the park. EASY FOR KIDS : This gun is easy to operate – load the soft balls from the front muzzle, pull the lever at the back, trigger and fire. The magazine can load 3 foam balls at one time to make the action look all the more real. PULL BACK: Featuring a pull-back trigger firing action and quick chamber switching function, this gun is great for playing head to head or in teams. Quick to load bullet chamber loads and shoots at the same time FUN AND PLAY: Its super exciting and super cool shooting fun for the whole family, right in the cozy indoors!! Ideal for kids ages 8+ years.; This classic toy gun is made of superior plastic and is accompanied with foam bullets.These bullets are not at all harmful and totally safe for your kids.

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Weight .450 g
Dimensions 18 × 16 × 5 in


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