Upside Down Clown Toy with Lights and Sound

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Upside Down Clown Joker Toys, Size: 11*11.8*21cm, A cute image of a Clown, Cartoon toy is moving with Light and Music. Cute cartoon shape, children will love this toy.
Headstand forward, light and music function, ABS plastic material ensures the musical toy in long-lasting performance.
Moving Light Up Toy has a high visual irritation, attracts the attention of babies and cultivates the babies’ cognitive competence of color.
Helps strengthen baby’s sensory, coordinate and visual tracking and security skills different colors, unique design can develop baby recoginition ability.
Down Clown toys 3 to 7 years is an awesome choice of Christmas/Halloween/Easter/New Year/Thanksgiving gifts for all baby boys, girls, infants, toddlers, kids.

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